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Introducing A Hot Musician Kency White (Ezimano Idise) Original Delta Boy

His mobile number 07033484611 002347033484611
Come to Warri and see what kency White( Ezimano Idise) is doing.  Can’t remember the last time I heard his track on radio. 'All Over The World' is one track that is almost on every Naija count down. If you enter a club or a bar here in Delta state and you fail to hear any of his songs better run for your life. Them blogs and entertainment sites are already on this guy : considering the fact that Delta state artistes are hardly known except you are extraordinarily extraordinary. That’s why moment they 'blow' they move over to Lagos. Ask people from other citie like Wakonzy, Frank D'Nero, Mtrill and Timaya. I just heard from fans from his facebook fan page that he’s' already planning to make the move.
Kency white is known for his smooth Patois-influenced Dance-hall crooning, and most especially for his hit singles “all over the world”, “my queen”, “ I Go Kiss Naija”, “Mavor”, and the IJ -assisted “Trumpet” .
But, he wasn’t always a party starter; kency white was born in Kwale on 16th November, 1990. Hailing from Oweh, Delta state, he was born and raised in the Kwale, Delta state; attending Akatulu Primary School Beneku for his primary education before moving to Asaba. He went to Matter Dei, Grammar school  for his secondary school education, after which, while furthering his studies in the university, found his true calling to be music. So, from the city who brought us such massive successes as “stereo man” ” Adamson”and “I Go Die” , let me introduce you to the christened Delta Boy … Kency White .

Kency White officially broke into the music industry in January 2012 when he moved back to Warri from Kwale, and has since been bringing in the hits bumping speakers all over Delta State. But, It wasn’t until September, 2012, when he made a cross-over to the Warri music scene with his mid-tempo Summer Jam, “all over the world” that the budding star got the media sphere in a serious buzz.
Kency White is a splendid vocalist and he oozes versatility as his unique sound blends Dance-hall, my queen, R&B and Hip-Hop into one tightly knit package. His songs span from ballads full of depth, sometimes to controversial subject matter as well as, as his Dance-hall tendency implies, songs that are just meant to get you in the mood for the groove.
yet to be Signed to a Record label and, more often than not, and  ready to team up with any in-house producer,  his mobile number 07033484611 email: kency white at gmail. Com  would help any marketer reach him for discussion. You can him on twitter with his handle @kencywhite
Download some of his hot tracks below for your listening pleasure:
2.       My Queen