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Symbols of Maths, Physics and chemistry in text message for WAEC and NECO Exam

 These are the symbols we use in solving some mathematical solution in the following subjects, like: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and others. So, these symbols are very very important to you. Because we dont need/want a situation whereby we would solved the solution that will confused you. And you ending up lumping down things you dnt know of... Due to lack of symbolic login, you will end you failing your important subjects (but God forbid). And you will start blaming onLuckytech. So dont just with these symbols, Please!!

(1) / (means) division or divide

2/2 means 2/2
2 whole no 3/4 means 2¾
M=wp+(1/3)yp^2 means m=wp + ¾y2

(2) Log means logarithm

(8) Log5 (base 8) means Log85

(3) * means multiplication (×)
Example: 2*2 means 2x2

(4) ^ means Raise to power

3^(-1) means 3-1
5^(2) means 52
30cm^(-2) means 30cm-2

(5) Tita means θ
Example: Tan tita means tan θ

(6) Pie means π
Example: Pie R sqr h means πr2h

(7) Base means subscript
Example: 2 Base 3 means A3

(8) Sqr root means √
√3-√6+2√3 means Root 3-root6+2root 3
√(¾) means sqr root(3/4)

(9) bar means a dash on top a number of letter
Example: X bar means x̅

(10) ---(1) means equation 1

(11) Proportional means ∝
Example: R is proportional to 3/4rut m means R ∝ ¾

(12) Alpha means α

(13) Beta means β

(14) Gamma means γ

(15) cube root means ∛

(16) Mu means μ

(17) Rho means ρ

(18) Delta means δ

(19) Sigma means σ

(20) Tau means τ

(21) Ohm means Ω

(22) Lamda means λ

(23) Omega means ω

(24) Intersection means ∩
Example: B intersection C means B∩C

(25) Union means U
Example: B union C means BUC

(26) Factorial means !

(27) complements in sets means ‘

(28) (aq),(g),(l),(s) is used in chemistry to show the state of matter in equations

(29) Equivalent to means ≡

(30) Not equal to means ≠

(31) Quotation means “ ”

(32) Less or equal to means ≤

(33) Greater or equal to ≥
Example: (3/4)>=(1/2) means ¾ ≥ ½

(34) Plus or minus (or +-) means ±
Example: (3/4)<=(1/2) means ¾ ≤ ½

(35) Element of means ∈
Example: 2 belongs to X or 2 is a member of X means 2∈X

(36) Percent or percentage means %

(37) Degrees Fahrenheit means ℉

(38) Degrees Celsius means ℃

(39) Universal set means ξ or U

(40) Null or empty set means ∅ or {}


(42) 2.S.F means 2 significant figures

(43) P=(2,3) means P={2,3} in sets

(44) Propotional to means ∝

(45) Therefore means ∴

(46) KNO(3)(s) means KNO3(s)

(47) NaCl=> Na^(+) + Cl^(-) means NaCl → Na++ Cl-

(48) Summation means Ʃ

(49) Parallel lines means ǁ

(50) Perpendicular lines means ˩

(51) Reversible equation means ↔

(52) Infinity means ∞

(53) Approximately means ~

(57) Approximately equal to ≅

Other Symbols Below
(1) File means ɸ

(2) Δ means Change or Triangle

(3) slope or differentiation means dy/dx or ∂y/∂x or δy/δx or Δy/Δx

(4) Parenthesis means …

(5) Naira means ₦

(6) Integral means ∫

(7) Almost equal to means ≈

(8) For all means ∀

(9) There exist means ∃

(10) Epsilon means ε

(11) Vertical dots means ⁞

Tables, Radiativity Diagrams

A table of this would be computer as follows

A table like this would be computed as follows
Particulars: maintenance,salaries &wages, Purchase of Drugs, total
Amount: 2500,1000,2000,5500

Logarithm Table

No:92.63, Log:1.9667
No: 2.914, Log: 0.4645
Antilog = 269.9
Therefore 92.63*2.914=2.4312

Radiativity Diagram

(238)U(92)=>(234)Th(90) + (4)He(2)

This is computed as follows
(1)(-b± sqr rut(b^2-4ac))/2a
(2)Sqr root ((2Qh)/100)
(4)Summation (n=1 to infinity )P(n)
(5)S.D= Sqr Rut ((Ef|x-xbar|^2))/Ef
(6)R is proportional to1/ sqr rut

Note: If you found any difficuties in any part/section of the symbols. Pls dont hesitate to comment below. Thank you!!