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How to know how many people that chose your school as first or second choice in any institution in 2014/2015 academic section

If you are a Nigeria prospective student seeking admission into any university or polytechnic in this 2014/2015 academic section all you need do is follow the procedure below to check Jamb Index or statistics for any selected institution in Nigeria.
1. To know how many people that chose your university as first choice in any institution nationwide CLICK HERE and the list will display but make sure you have a PDF reader in any device you wish to use in viewing it, though most computers and android phones have it pre-installed so you won’t have problems.

2. For any polytechnic nationwide Click Here

3. For colleges of Education in Nigeria Click here

4. For Innovative Enterprise Institutes Click here

Please read hard to beat your competitors in the Exam
We will always keep you updated as the more info's comes out in any school of your choice
If you have any question drop them the comment box below
You can choose anonymous to comment if you don’t have a Google account.

The Real Cut Off Mark For UNN Post Utme Is Here 2014/2015 academic section

Please don’t be deceived that University of Nigeria Nsuka (UNN) post utme cut off mark is 200 because that is a fat lie.
UNN has never issued any cut off mark to the general public for the past three years and for that the cut off mark remains 180 as they have been using it for years. The new VC cannot just wake up from sleep and do what will affect the general public and increase the cut off to 200 as being rumored by those that didn’t want you to gain admission this year. So cut off mark for University of Nigeria 2015/2014 academic section still remains 180.
As soon as the post utme form is out we will update you on the guidelines to buy the form so always visit this blog luckytechng.blogspot.com as from now for more info as we get it.

Here Is How To Purchase Institute Of Management Technology (IMT) Post UTME For 2014/2015

Here Is How To Purchase Institute Of Management Technology (IMT) Post UTME For 2014/2015
Online Registration of students for 2014/2015 post UTME screening for admission into Institute of Management Technology, Enugu has commenced.

Here are the admission requirements
1. Its for All JAMbBites who made IMT 1st, and or 2nd choice.
2. You must scored 150 and above in JAMB in order to apply.
3. You can still apply even if did not make the school first or second choice in JAMB but scored up to 150 you can also apply.

Details guidelines How to purchase IMT Enugu Post UTME forms/e-PIN
Application forms are sold in the under listed banks in Enugu at the cost of N5,000 (five thousand naira only).

1.First Bank of Nig. Plc, Okpara Avenue, Enugu.

2. Fidelity Bank Plc, Ogui Road, Enugu.
3. Mainstreet Bank Ltd, Ogui Road, Enugu.
4. United Bank for Africa Plc,Station Road, Enugu.
5. Zenith Bank Plc, Trans-Ekulu, Enugu.
Applying Online
After Buying the application forms, that is the e-PIN from the banks, kindly follow the guidelines below to register online:-

Using the PIN go to www.imt.edu.ng. To fill and submit the application form. Download and print the acknowledgement slip.

Deadline for application is 29th August 2014.

the day for Screening Exercise is 17th -19th September 2014.

Things you need to be admitted into the screening hall are.
1. HB pencil and Eraser.
2. Acknowledgement slip for post UTME registration.
4. Normal JAMB e-result notification with 2 photocopies.

1. Do not come with your parents, or guardian into the exam hall.
2. Mobile phones, and other electronic devices are not allowed.
3. For online application support please call: 08154797482, 08179195891, 08129806564, 08169691833; email: support@imt.edu.ng.


Here Is The Forum and site all Nairaland Members Are Moving To Now (luckygist.com)

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Back up version of Nairaland released by Seun as the site down time remains

Seun Osewa has responded to luckygist.com post in the morning concerning Nairaland server down time.
Below is the official statement sent to luckygist.com from Seun Osewa. READ MORE

A Nigeria Forum or website to Visit Or Advertise As Nairaland Website Is Down (luckygist.com is an alternative and better now)

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Visit Luckygist.Com If You Can’t Reach Nairaland Forum Website as an alternative

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How To Check Your Name In NDA Website Nigeria Defence Academy 2014 list of successful applicant for exam

Here is how to check your name in 2014 NDA Nigeria defence academy website if your name came out successfully in the just concluded exam held on 17th may 2014 READ MORE


Here is the List of courses in National open University of Nigeria (NOUN) and admission guidelines (How to apply)

Below is the list of courses offered by National open university of Nigeria and admission requirements. If you wish to apply for the school all the details and requirement for the National open university of Nigeria is outlined here for the general public READ MORE


Real Closing Date for Jamb 2014 Change Of Course and Institution form here

It would be re-called that the deadline for the sales of change of courses and institution form for 2014 Jamb , as earlier report was 8th June, 2013.
But JAMB has decided to extend the closing date to READ MORE

2014 Admission application form for National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN)now on sale 2015

National Open University of Nigeria NOU Admission application form for 2014/ 2015 now on sale. With these information’s here you can purchase the form without writing Jamb with the procedures outlined here both for First degree, Master degree, doctorate (Ph.D) and how much is the cost of the form is here and where to purchase the application form READ MORE


Date of Examination and screening of Nigeria Army candidate 2014 71 intake Here

The 2014 Nigeria Army 71 intake recruitment exercise will commence with the Pre-Screening Examination to be written by candidates shortlisted based on general suitability criteria for service in the Nigerian Army.
2. List of candidates shortlisted for the Pre-Screening Examination READ MORE


JAMB release result for candidate showing No result yet in 2014 CBT And ppt

If your result is showing No Result Yet or No Biometric Verification for long after writing paper and pencil exam or computer base exam please - READ MORE


Here is Real 2014 and 2015 Jamb cut off mark for Nigerian Universities and polytechnics

Here is The Cut-off marks for Nigerian Universities and polytechnics for the 2014/2015 Post-UTME and JAMB Cut-off mark for institutions which has been the subject of questions from some of our readers. The 2014/2015 JAMB Cut-off mark for universities, polytechnics and colleges of education has READ MORE


Rich Men Secrets Cults And Secret Societies In Nigeria Here

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Www.Ndokwa.com A Website Forum For Ndokwa And Ukwauni Ethnicity Home And Abroad

Ndokwa Ukwuani Forum Is A Great Website Created To Lift Ndokwa Ukwuani Nation Up & Make Www.Ndokwa.Com A Meeting Point For All Ndokwa West, Ndokwa East, Ukwuani Local Government Ndigens Home And Abroad And The Rest Of The World For Discussion & Promotions. Visit the site daily to refresh your memory about the happenings latest news in Ndokwa ukwani land and its environs. www.Ndokwa.com is the main Ukwani web forum where you can tell people about your political ambition or say anything in your mind, ask questions about ndokwa/Ukwuani people and get urgent and authentic answers. from the main people that knows ukwani to the core.


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